It's In My DNA

I'm just a girl with ambition

I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous. I crave a love that warms my heart, makes me smile uncontrollably. A love that puts me in a euphoric state that is timeless and never ending. A love that is supportive, a love that will tell me that my dreams are possible, that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. A love that is thoughtful with a mind that makes me think, that makes me ponder who I am and pushes me to overcome my trails and gain back the drive I once had that I crave ever so deeply to possess again. A love that won’t give up. A love so real and true is what I crave. Is what we all crave. I sit here pondering if he who I have in the caress of my arms is the love I crave for, but if he was I wouldn’t have a doubt in my mind. So why do I at this moment? 


I’m tired of boring people, trying to boringly play it “cool.” 

Duh. Actions are always gonna speak louder than words, and vibes are VERY palpable…why bother trying to act as if you aren’t feeling something when you already are? 

Be straight up. Show some initiative. Come and get me.

Life is short.